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Demos, Drafts, Fragments, and Improvisations


I’ve decided that I’m just going to start sharing more of my demos, drafts, fragments, and improvisations, so they are out in the world before they become irrelevant, instead of languishing half-finished in my notebooks as I wait for some mythical moment when I will have endless time and energy to create the thorough, perfect thing.


I have a problem finishing things, especially things I want or need to write, and so I tried an experiment on myself and it kind of worked. I tricked myself into, instead of writing the actual thing, writing a casual, conversational synopsis or summary of the thing I was hoping to write about. Now, instead of some vague hope of a detailed line-by-line explication of an obscure bedroom pop record (which wouldn’t have helped anyone anyway), I have an actual completed and posted 2-3 paragraph writing about that record that touches on at least 35-50% of the thoughts I had about the record. It now can be shared throughout social media land (if I get the guts to share it) and will hopefully promote the artist’s work or at least let him know that someone is listening to his music.


Already I feel the pull again. After formulating the thoughts above I started looking through my notebooks for some other previous notes that tangentially relate to this thought, and I started daydreaming about how I should pull them all together into this big, perfect piece that artfully explores every element of every thought I have about writing and sharing things on the internet. No. I should just start writing and sharing more things on the internet instead of exploring philosophical quandaries about how/when/why/what to share. It will be fragments in near real time now, later connected by tags or expanded upon and republished if I can’t resist.

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