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Joshua Whiting

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My wife jokingly asked my kids to figure out what I should be for Halloween, and my daughter quickly came up with this concept and then actualized it. So I wore it while I lurked out in the street behind my kids during their trick-or-treating.

Happy Apple - Final Costume

Happy Apple - Draft Rendering

(This would be the first time I had a Halloween costume of any sort in decades, other than the one time I went to work dressed roughly like Lionel Richie on the cover of his first album, and didn’t tell anyone, and no one ever knew. Might do that again sometime; I’d need some new white pants.)

Format / Genre: photograph updates self-portrait
People: me my kids Mia
Places: my parents' backyard
Series + Sources: Sounds and Images Being a Parent
Topics: halloween costumes masks apples
Works Cited: Happy Apple by Mia

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