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Daily Picture- Cooking with Malla

Used my favorite spatula to make eggs with onions and peppers for me, and plain for a breakfast burrito for my son.

This spatula, in addition to being a great spatula, always makes me think about Malla, Chewbacca’s wife, cooking the Life Day meal in the Star Wars Holiday Special. I’ll admit, it’s something that’s far more fun to just think about for a minute than it is to actually watch, but I feel everyone should watch it at least once.

And I just learned from the Wookieepedia that her full name is Mallatobuck.

Format / Genre: photograph update
People: Chewbacca Mallatobuck me
Places: my house
Series + Sources: Daily Pic Sounds and Images
Topics: cooking eggs spatulas Star Wars
Works Cited: Star Wars Holiday Special Wookieepedia

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